Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker July 2015

You can track down Rockhopper with other penguins in the chatroom below. Please remember to be patient while tracking Rockhopper.

How to track mascots using the chatroom:
Go into the chat and be sure to sign in. You can do this by typing something and clicking enter. There will be other Club Penguin players in the chat. Every player goes into a server and looks around for the mascot. If the mascot is there the player must go back into the chat and tell others. If you find the mascot you must do the same.

If every player checks a server then Rockhopper will be found very fast! Please scroll below the chat to read the rules.

Type in chat and click enter to join/sign in!

Be sure to follow these rules below:
1. No advertising.
2. No swearing.
3. No spamming.
4. Be patient while tracking.

If you break a rule you may be kicked or even banned! If you see someone breaking a rule then please report them to a moderator.

Thanks for reading! Club Penguin Hints; come back for more Club Penguin cheats and Club Penguin codes!

More Club Penguin Codes - July 2015: 2,500 coins!

We're ready to unlock five new codes that came out this month of July. What you'll get is 500 coins for each code which adds up to 2,500. You can get a longer list of codes here.


Club Penguin Style Catalog for July 2015 brings some BAD news!

Hey guys and girls! As always, I was getting ready to post the hidden items for this months catalog until I noticed one very important thing — there are no more hidden items!

I don't know if this is permanent but I am sad to say that this will most likely be very permanent. So I guess don't expect any hidden items in the catalog anymore.

Leave me a comment letting me know how you feel. :]

Club Penguin Memory Orb Pin Found

Hey guys, I found the latest pin for this week. It's located at the cove and it's a little hard to see but I found it. It's called the Memory Orb pin. If you don't know what a memory orb is then you have to watch the latest pixar movie Inside Out.

#ProjectSuperSecret revealed: Club Penguin Clothing Customizer!

Leaders of the Club Penguin team have been talking about #ProjectSuperSecret for a few months now (possibly a year) and now it's finally been revealed that it will be related to customizing clothes for your penguin.

I don't know if this means Club Penguin will stop designing clothes for the clothing catalog. Even if they do stop designing clothes we'll be able to create our own.