Big Updates Coming to Club Penguin Island in April

More updates are coming to Club Penguin Island in April. There's no set date yet as to when these updates will actually be implemented but the gist of the updates are:

1. Earth Month Celebrations
2. World Penguin Day event
3. Radio Disney Music Awards event
4. Dev Diaries: Character Design & Sound Design
5. How-to videos
6. New Penguin-Of-The-Week video series
7. New Outfit-Of-The-Week video series
8. Tons of meet-ups

I'm assuming the mascot meet-ups will be the same as they were in the old Club Penguin game; which was to hang out with mascots like Gary, Rookie, Cadence etc. There seem to be different celebrations planned

Club Penguin Island Membership

It didn't take me very long to realize how upset penguins on Club Penguin Island were about being required to do anything in the game. Although everyone is given a free 7 day membership when they first start not everyone is able to pay to keep the membership going.

There are talks about the price of membership being dropped down a bit but can the price really be dropped down below 5 dollars a month? I really doubt that happening but I think they have two options:

1. either make more features available to non-members (doubt they'll do this).

2. or they can lower the price of membership but continue to make practically the whole game unavailable to non-members.

How to Earn Coins on Club Penguin Island

Soon after I began fooling around on Club Penguin island I came to the point where I knew you could buy items with coins but I just had no idea how to get them. Then I saw random floating objects like blue shells and seaweed so I figured it out quite quickly.

Exchanging Items for Coins:

You have to collect things like shells, for example, and then go to a machine which exchanges shells for coins. You have to collect quite a few shells (but it's honestly not difficult you just need to walk around).


Completing Quests:

Completing quests are just another way to fulfill your money-making desires. You must have learned how to complete quests when you first began playing so there's this option.

Going Fishing:

Every day you're able to throw your fishing line 10 times. Once you use up all of your fishing poles then you'll have to wait until the next day. Depending on which type of fish you catch you will earn more or less coins.

Simply head over to the fishing dock and click the orange exclamation point on your action bar to take out your fishing pole. Once you see a fish on the hook just reel it in by tapping.


Club Penguin Island Mini Map

Club Penguin Island has been released but along with a new fun game to play came also a few minor challenges such as learning the map of the new game.

So basically there are three main hangout spots. I am sure more areas to the map will eventually be added as time goes on.

Club Penguin Island & The Future of This Website

Welcome to the new Club Penguin Island! Are you ready?
As you may or may not know Club Penguin has been scheduled to shut down but do not fret, Club Penguin Island is here!

Club Penguin Island is basically going to replace the online virtual world of Club Penguin. It's basically a super overhauled and redesigned version of Club Penguin. The difference is that it's only for mobile devices and you cannot log into the game on your computer, for example.

I definitely recommend you check the new game out. There are coins, ways to design your own clothes, games, quests and much much more. There's just a ton of new things. Personally, the old Club Penguin does give a nostalgic feeling but this new version is just what the game needed. New things, new fun.

The direction and future of this website:

I decided I would overhaul this website since Club Penguin is pretty much over and there are a lot of things that are outdated. I have to think about what new things I am going to talk about regarding the new game. Meanwhile feel free to look over anything on this website that interests you. Waddle on!