Club Penguin Footprint Pin Found

Hey everyone, I have found the Footprint pin on the Club Penguin island! This pin is located at the top of the lighthouse.

Club Penguin Frozen Party/Takeover Cheats April 2015

First off I'd like to start by asking; is this a party or a takeover?! I have no idea. Anyways, the Frozen party seems pretty simple. You collect the snowflakes, retrieve your items and--BOOM, you're done.

Getting Started:

Getting Started: Choose the room

First Step: Click on the purple snowflake button at the top right of your screen.

Second Step: Choose which room you would like to find the hidden snowflakes in.

New Club Penguin Code: Chocolate Bunny Ears Costume - April 2015

There's a new code for everybody to unlock this month! This code unlocks some cool chocolate bunny ears for your penguin to wear.

Enter the code, PASCUA15, to unlock this item. If you would like to see how to unlock items or want a full list of codes then visit this page.

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog April 2015 Cheats & Hidden Items

There's a new catalog for April! There are some pretty decent clothes in this months catalog so you won't want to miss out! As always, I have found the hidden items for you.

Unlock the Checkerboard Scarf by clicking right above the blue-green penguin.

New Club Penguin Codes: Unlock Adorable Monkey Costume April 2015

Hey everybody. There's a brand new code to unlock for this month and you'll be able to unlock a new costume item TODAY!

Just enter the code MONKEY4U and you'll immediately unlock the monkey costume. If you want to know how to unlock codes or want to check out a full list of hundreds of codes click here!