Club Penguin Cadence Tracker February 2015

Hey everyone! The SoundStudio party has already begun and I'm totally not sure if Cadence will be waddling around the island. She might be but I'm not assured. Anways, just in case, I'm going to leave this tracker here so you can track with your friends.

How to track mascots:
1. Log onto a server and check if Cadence is there. Usually she will be on a popular server.
2. If you find Cadence then be sure to tell others in the chatroom.
3. If someone else finds Cadence then they will tell you in the chat!

DJ K-Dance Pin Found February 2015 | SoundStudio Party

Guess what everyone? I found the latest pin for this month of february which is the DJ K-dance pin! You can find this pin by opening your map, clicking the beach icon and then clicking the pin.

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #487

Club Penguin SoundStudio Party February 2015 Cheats / Guide

Hello everybody! The SoundStudio party has arrived. I expected that there would be more things to do at the party but we'll just have to enjoy what we got.

Note: If you don't know how to play the SoundStudio game click here.

Every party we are able to collect special items. For this party you're going to need to make some music to collect items. Head over to the snow forts and walk inside Snowball Records.

You now need to choose a genre (or a type of song). There are free items to collect in every genre. For this post I'm going to choose the dance genre.

You will notice that there are shapes above you. Follow the shapes in the same order to create music. 

Once you're done you'll be able to collect your free items. Of course, like every party, there are items for members and items for non-members.

If you're a member you'll be able to enter the Play for DJ Cadence building at the snow forts. It's for members only!

Sneak Peek for Club Penguin's SoundStudio Party for February + New CP App! Puffle Wigs Coming Soon?!

Club Penguin has announced their next party for the month of February. You would have never guessed a SoundStudio/Music party was on its way.

According to Megg from the Club Penguin team, this party will be a mix of the Hollywood party and the Music Jam. You can check out a sneak peek of that in the picture to the right.

Another cool inside scoop on what's going on at the Club Penguin offices: there's going to be a new Club Penguin app released! Another app, can you believe it? This app will have something to do with the SoundStudio game in Club Penguin. I am going to assume that you will be able to mix music and sounds on the go!

Club Penguin has promised that we will be able to remix Cadence's NEW soundtrack. Yes, you read that right, Cadence will be releasing another song. Exciting right? Take a look at the picture on the left to see a small sneak peek of the SoundStudio app. There's a lot in store for February and if you're like me then you can hardly wait!

Last but not least I wanted to point out something that I noticed when I was checking out the SoundStudio party advertisement. It doesn't take long to realize that there's a puffle with a cool hair style. Will Club Penguin be selling puffle wigs now? 

I've never really seen a puffle with this kind of hairstyle. Check it out and let me know what you think.