Christmas Has Arrived to Club Penguin

I know there are a lot of things happening on Club Penguin such has the Operation Crustacean event and the Extreme Paint Mini-Party, and let's not forget about the tons of items being given away left and right.

If you click the button on the top right corner that has a gift box picture, you'll be able to collect FREE items throughout all of the december. Just thought I would let everyone know.

Click the arrow to continue scrolling through the days of December! Happy holidays everyone.

Club Penguin: 10 Year Anniversary! - We Made It! - Lots of FREE Items!

Has it really been that long? I guess it has. Club Penguin is now throwing a huge party in celebration of being around for 10 long years!

If you go to the coffee shop then you're going to be surprised! Every year Club Penguin's anniversary party was held inside the coffee shop with a cake and a new party hat. Now there's a giant cake!

Club Penguin Golden Hanger Pin Found

I was waddling around the island and I came across the latest pin which is found inside the puffle hotel. Go and get it before it's gone!

Club Penguin's Biggest Style Catalog Ever - New Non-Member Items!! - August 2015

First off, there are completely new non-member items. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this.

Not sure why Club Penguin just randomly decided to re-sell a bunch of rare/old items. Probably because this may put an end to the hacking of rare items. If items aren't rare then people won't want to hack them.

There are way too many pages filled with items for me to post them here but I really suggest that you go take a look at the catalog yourself.

Even More Club Penguin Codes: Unlock 2,000 coins today!

We're ready to unlock five new codes that came out this month of August. What you'll get is 500 coins for each code which adds up to 2,000. You can get a longer list of codes here.

The codes are

  • PURPLE41