January 1, 2012

Club Penguin: How to Become a Snow Ninja Cheats and Guide!

Becoming a Snow Ninja is easy. When you have the full snow ninja outfit you will be able to make it snow on Club Penguin. You might be wondering how to become a Water Ninja on Club Penguin so feel free to try it.

Each time you finish a full game. Your progress bar will increase and eventually you will be able to watch a small video clip.

Pay close attention because each small video clip is a peice of Sensei's story. This is an image from the first video clip.

There is a total of 24 items to collect throughout becoming a Snow Ninja. You only need four of these items; the rest are extras.

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  1. I'm already a FULL ninja (I mean all gems but let us know if u find the shadow dojo)

  2. Awesome and I will definitely tell you guys if I find the shadow dojo! I'm on the look out! 8)