Field Ops #70 cheats!

Hey everyone,

Club penguin has released this weeks field ops! This field ops is #69. Completing field ops unlocks medals that can earn you elite gear! Here's what you have to do for this mission. Note: You can only do missions if you are an EPF Agent. If you are not an EPF Agent you can learn how to become one here.

Rockhopper needs crew to travel to remote islands. This is the perfect opportunity to increase the EPF’s security network. Disguise yourself as a pirate, and sail to the Shipwreck Island. Set up an EPF radio antenna in the new beacon.

Accept the field op,swim to shipwreck island and go over to the Vikings Cave entrance and wait there until your spy phone turns green.
Now we have to power up the chipset! Guide your micro battery by remote control. Go from the recharger to the chips. Watch out for traps!

Well done Agent! Your signal is coming in loud and clear. The EPF can now monitor activity on Shipwreck Island. There is still no sign of Herbert anywhere. We still have no clues where he is, or what he may be planning. Our investigation continues.

Hmm...I'm still confused on who tipped the island..maybe it wasn't Herbert this time? How do you all like Rockhoppers Quest so far? 

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