Rockhoppers Quest has finally come!!

Hey everyone,

The Migrator has been finished being repaired by Rockhopper and Gary and is now ready to be taken for a ride! You can travel to differen't islands such as Dino island (I won't spoil the rest). If you're confused on what to do keep on reading this post.

Okay so basically the mission is to go to differen't islands and find things for Rockhopper.

First, to go on an  island, all you have to do is wait on the ship.

Next, you will see a bridge appear and that's when you waddle onto the island!

Lastly, you find the items Rockhopper needs and get back on The Migrator to explore a new island.

If you're having trouble finding the items then leave a comment below and we might show everyone where the items are on all the islands.

See ya later, sailors!

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