Authors Needed!!

Hey penguins,

I've been looking for some authors but still I haven't seen one person who can fit the job perfectly. This post is to advertise that we ARE looking for authors! 

 Before you read any further make sure you have a blogger account!

What kind of skills do I have to have?

1. Perfect Grammar
2. Can be organized when writing posts
3. Does not advertise their own website/twitter etc...
4. Can post often (not every day....but often)

Great! Where can I sign up?

You can head over to our sign up page here.

Guide for sign up sheet:

1. Put in your Club Penguin name
2. Put your twitter name (if you have one)
3. Put the website that you own (if you have one)
4. Give links to 3 posts that you have ever made! (if you don't know what i'm talking about then you shouldn't even be signing up)
5. Pick what you would like to work as.
6. Explain why you want to work here (you can add any note in this box as well)

Hopefully this cleared up some confusion and i'll be looking forward to finding that perfect worker we've been looking for. 

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