Puffle Party Unique Puffle Rooms!

Hey penguins,

I'll be doing a walkthrough of all the rooms of made for each puffle and some cool things added in them. Some of these rooms we're really cool..but some rooms didn't get the same effort put into it as the other rooms.

The Orange Puffle
Located inside box next to lighthouse.
There's really nothing special to do in this room besides watch orange puffles gobble down cookies all day! This room definately needs more work!

The Yellow Puffle
Located on first floor of lighthouse.

This room is pretty creative just like this puffles personality! If you stand where it says "stand here" then a puffle will draw a picture of your penguin depending on your penguin color.

The Green Puffle
Located on second  floor of lighthouse.

This room has a circus theme to it. One cool thing you can do is shoot the target in the puffles mouth but that's about it.

The White Puffle
Located at Ski Hill

I think this room may be my favorite! In this room you can press the red button on that machine and it will create differen't shapes of clouds!

The Blue Puffle
Located at the Forest


This room has a fun ball pit you can play in. I think his room could have a little more work done to it.

The Red Puffle
Located at the Cove


I think this is the perfect spot for the red puffles room! He surfs and he's Rockhoppers puffle so it makes sense! You can tell this room had a lot of effort put into it!

The Black Puffle
Located at sewer *lol*


This room is pretty cool but not the best. In this room you can press the red button on the right hand corner and puffles will light on fire if the windows close.

So what do you think about these rooms? 

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