April Fools Party: Top 10 Things to Do!

Hello penguins,

Club penguin has released a new video on the silly things you can do around the island for this years April Fools Party! These are the top 10 things Club Penguin thinks you should do before the party ends! Check it out.

These are the top 10 things:
  1. Complete the cream soda maze.
  2. Battle in an epic food fight!
  3. Get eaten by a puffle 
  4. Draw a random picture.
  5. Make music with singing cushions.
  6. Enter the April Fools igloo contest!
  7. Host a farting competition.
  8. Talk like a pirate.
  9. Find Rookie.
  10. Sing with the stars!

Am I the only one that thinks the April Fools Party is one of the funnest parties of the year on the island? Number 7. on the list is quite the silly one. What did you think of this party? Was it fun? If not, explain why. 

~ Goodbye

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