Club Penguin April 2012 Furniture and Igloo catalog cheats and hidden items!

Hey penguins,

I am so excited for the earth party that comes in about 1 week from today. Club Penguin will be celebrating a lot of animals such as the Rockhopper Penguin. I know what you're thinking but NO IT IS NOT A PIRATE! Here's a picture of a real Rockhopper Penguin. 

I'm not sure if i'd call these things cute...

Anyways here is the furniture catalog for this month and the hidden items! [I got these from Monchocho because I am away from home and couldn't make my own]

There are only two hidden items in the furniture catalog.

Also, Club Penguin has added a new igloo theme which is kind of like a rain forest! I'm looking forward to putting this on at my igloo!

I am actually very satisfied with these catalogs! What do you think about the catalogs? Also, tell me what you think about that Rockhopper Penguin! Lol.

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