Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt Guide - April 2012

Hey penguins,

Club Penguin has finally decided to bring back easter egg hunts after all these years! I'm so excited! This post will guide you through the island and help you find the easter eggs faster! Let's begin!

This is what you should have in the beggining the hints will be on the yellow sticky note.
The First egg's hid near Shining gold, Somewhere deep and dark and cold.

Go to the Underwater Lake
The next egg’s found near works of art, Plus lots of books to make you smart!

Go to the Book Room

This next egg’s near a snowy shore. It’s hidden well. You must explore. 

Go to the Beach

Now head towards a wooden shack. You’re doing well, you’re right on track! 

Go to the Mine Shack

Search now near a tall white chair, For watching waves. The egg is there. 

Go to the Cove

The next one’s sure to make you smile. Just like you, this egg’s got style. 

Go to the Gift Shop

The next egg’s near a chair that lifts. You’re getting close, you must be swift! 

Go to the Ski Village

The last egg’s near a big, bright light. You’re almost done, the end’s in sight. 

Go to the Beacon

Now that you've found all 8 eggs you get a special prize! Try on these Yellow Bunny Ears on your penguin!

I love doing easter egg hunts! Although I did find a few glitches here and there, it was an awesome and fun hunt. What do you think?

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Happy easter everyone!

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