Club Penguin Magazine Issue #4 Soon to be Released!

Hey guys,

I have heard from other penguins that the Club Penguin Issue #4 Magazine is to be released on May 3rd! Club Penguin Support Team tweeted about this on twitter and this is what they told us:

" Issue 4 of the Club Penguin magazine will be out on May 3rd. 
It’s the PARTY issue and will include 2 free items! ^AH  "

Along with that tweet they sent a picture. Here's a picture of the front cover of the magazine!

Very cool! You get 2 FREE items and 1500 coins! These magazines are still only delivered in the United Kingdom and Australia. So if you live anywhere else but those two places then you'll just have to wait until Club Penguin decides to release it for your area.

Will you purchase one of these? Why or why not?

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