Late paychecks for april!

Finally, Penguins! 

It's your payment time! If you're an EPF Secret Agent and / or a Tour guide, you will see your paycheck in your mailbox. Surely you noticed something... They're late! Rather than delivering them on the first of the month, It took 10 days! Come on, Club Penguin! First, let's see our Secret Agent check. You'll receive 250 coins for your hard job. Keep it on!
Then, as a Tour guide, you'll get 250 coins too. Wait, did you really work as a guide? If you didn't, you now you have 250 free coins! Lol.
Well done! Thanks Club Penguin, for the coins and thanks to you, for working very hard in the field-ops and tours. So, what d'you think about all this? 
Leave us a comment! :D

- Oscartoon 98 -

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