Club Penguin Field Ops #81

Hey everyone,

Club penguin has released this weeks field ops! Completing field ops unlocks medals that can earn you elite gear! Here's what you have to do for this mission. Note: You can only do missions if you are an EPF Agent. If you are not an EPF Agent you can learn how to become one here.

"Hear me, protectors of Club Penguin! A powerful enemy is rising, and we must prepare for it! 
Search the island for mushrooms, and use your technology to give them power. This will help my research."

Accept this field op and head over to the light house. Waddle over to the mushroom and stay there until your spy phone turns green.

This time, our mission is to Power up the chipset! Guide your micro battery by remote control. Go from the recharger to the chips. Watch out for traps!

After you've completed this field ops you get a message from the director.

Oh no! Do you think we'll find out what he means by "danger"? I think Herbert will reveal himself soon and I know it isn't going to be pretty.

 If you see anything odd then let us know in the comments!

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