Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #345

The Club Penguin Newspaper issue is now available on Club Penguin. In this newspaper issue, Club Penguin addresses that the Medieval Party was a blast and hoped everyone liked the party. Club Penguin also discusses in the newspaper to be prepared on June 7th and to wear your hard hats due to the purple meteor to hit. Let's unfold this week's newspaper issue and see what else is going on the island.

Aunt Arctic discusses with penguins that the large purple meteor has been spotted at the sky and is now heading straight it's way to Club Penguin. Gary the Gadget Guy commented, "There's a 99.9555% chance it'll the island. BLAM!" Gary addresses with penguins that the size of the meteor should be the same height of a small igloo. Gary the Gadget Guy thinks the meteor will hit on June 7th at the Dock.

The second article discusses a group of penguins/explorers that made an odd discovery in the Wilderness this week. They found a large broken down machine that was in the snow reported a penguin, from looking at the robot I can classify that this robot is Protobot from looking at his head.

Lastly, we have the Upcoming Events! On now is the Penguin Style Catalog at the Gift Shop and the Furniture Catalog coming it's way on June 7th and last but not least we have the Super Hero Party coming on June 14th!

What do you think of this week's newspaper issue? I find it quite mysterious how penguins found Protobot in the wilderness broken. Don't you think it's weird? Leave a comment below i'd love to hear your thoughts if you think Protobot all broken in up is weird.

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