How to complete Quest #1 for Medieval Party!

Hey adventurers,

So, you want to complete the first quest? If you do, then this is the perfect place for you. I suggest you go into a server with 1-2 bars because it will be stressful and difficult to do this with lots of penguins. You will thank me later, I promise!

1. Go into the first room and stand on every single dark gray platform. It looks just like the one i'm standing on in the middle. Go through the top gate when it opens!

2. In the next challenge you need to hit 40 targets to pass into the next room. I suggest you hold the letter "t" on your keyboard because it's faster. 

NOTE: If you're a member on CP you could pick up the free items on the right.

3. Once you get into the next room you will need to get through the maze. Luckily, I solved it for you! Here is the code you must solve:



4. Get into the final room and, if you want, collect the free item!

Great Job, brave one! We have completed the first quest! Hopefully, I explained this good enough. The next quests are for members only. We will post the nexts quests soon!

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