How to defeat the 3 dragons! [Quest #3] | May 2012

Hello Brave Knights,

Lots of penguins are having trouble with the three dragons and so I made a guide for how to beat them. Again, it will be better to do this quest if you have other people like friends or something.

You need to aim for the cauldron full of hot lava right when it's above the dragon in the middle. Lava falling on the dragons on the sides will not damage them so be sure to hit the one only in the middle. 

NOTE: You can make the dragon hit himself if you make your penguin hold the Golden Shield.

Once you have killed all three of the dragons using the same technique there will be a massive explosion! 

Waddle over to the open gate and it should lead you to the king and queens abandoned room.

Great! Now you can leave by going to the door with the word "Exit" above it.

NOTE: You can collect the free items on the bottom left corner.

We have defeated the three dragons! These dragons were tough but I don't think it will be easier to defeat the Dragon King! Was this easy for you? Leave us a comment

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