How to defeat first dragon [Quest #2] | May 2012

Hello brave knights,

Having trouble defeating the first dragon? problem we can defeat him together. You might want to grab a few of your friends because to defeat him you need a LOT of snowballs.

Okay so getting to the dragon shouldn't be that hard just do some simple tasks to get there.

Okay, this is where you and your friends need to work together to defeat this dangerous beast.
You need to throw snow balls into this bucket on the top left corner. Keep doing this until you see the bucket fill up with water.

Once the bucket is filled up you will see the canon have a green light on it, this means it is ready. Click it to unleash a strong burst of water and hit the dragon! You must do this three times!

When the dragon is completely still and frozen thats when you know when you are done. Waddle torwards the open gate to the left.

Waddle to the top left corner to pick up the dragons hidden gold! Don't forget to pick up the pin near the picture frame.

Alright, this dragon was pretty easy but the next ones might be hard! Was it hard for you? Tell us in a comment.

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