My Favorite Rooms in Medieval Party - May 2012

Hey penguins,

I thought I would take a picture of all of the rooms for the medieval party but there are over 15 rooms and it would flood this page with pictures so instead i've decided to show you guys my top 4 favorite rooms! Here they are:

For some reason, I like this room because of this small bridge and river. I also like how you can go up the tree house!

Wow! It looks like Club Penguin really worked hard on this room because it's very detailed and it looks like a REAL medieval town!

If you haven't noticed this room turns your penguin into a mini penguin! haha! It has a swampy theme to it. Also, take a look at that boat! LOL!

Last but not least, the light house looks like it was attacked by an army of mushrooms! This room is full of the colors blue and purple!

Club Penguin worked hard in every room but these were my favorites! Which rooms were your favorites? Leave a comment and your comment could be put into this post!

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