New Club Penguin Short: Puffle Trouble

Hey penguins,

Club Penguin has been focusing more on Youtube videos lately. Today, Club Penguin released a new short video with Herbert and Klutzy! Pay attention because there could be some clues for any  evil plans Herbert has for us in the future!

In the video, Herbert is building his evil "bomb of doom". Maybe he's will using it to attack innocent penguins around the island? 

This was pointed out by another penguin but did anyone notice the puffle with the amazing fox costume? I would totally get that for ALL of my puffles!

Before we all forget, quickly go to Club Penguin and enter this free Club Penguin code for a free item!

Cool! When you enter this code you get a free EPF helmet!

I think it's great that Club Penguin is starting to release videos. 

What do you think about the new videos Club Penguin is releasing? 

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