A Look Around The Super Hero Party | June 2012

Hello penguins,

Well, the super hero party is finally here with all of our marvel comics super heros. There are a ton of costumes to choose from plus a few added things that make this Club Penguin party better!

The town is pretty basic although I like the puffle adoption building.

To be honest, they should keep the night club building. It looks much more exciting!

This is the snow forts. Here you can see penguins with blue frosty gloves freezing everything!

Inside the gift shop there are free items for all the penguins on the island. 

There is a huge selection of super hero costumes to buy along with a protobot costume. Club Penguin even added 3 gloves with different powers which you can use around the island!


You can put these gloves on and use their powers to freeze, shock and even melt things!

I bought these cosmic power gloves and I went to the snow forts and got a bit carried away! I melted everything! Muahaha.

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