Ultimate Jam Tour Around The Island!

Hey Penguins,

There is a lot of things you can do during the Ultimate Jam (and when I say a lot I mean A LOT). So I went around the island choosing the most fun things! Here is what I have.

When you get online a window on Club penguin will pop up and it will say the daily challenge. You get one free item for the Daily challenge! To get the item on the fourth day, you need a membership.

DAY 2: Green Music Cap

Day 3: Blue Long Sleeve Music T-Shirt

Day 4: Golden Microphone (Members Only)

Waddling to the Snow forts you will see a lot of bright colors! Be sure to buy the RARE stuff on the bottom right corner! Trust me you dont want to miss this.

Cadence will perform a show for all the penguins to see. After the show is over she will go backstage! You will be able to see Cadence again on the upper left corner!

Lastly, I wanted to point out the BEAUTIFUL sky on Club Penguin! I wish it would stay like this forever! 

This party is probably the most entertaining I have seen! There is so much things to discover! I did not show everything in this post but you can easily check it out for yourself! I can't wait until I meet Cadence, Rocky and CeCe! Maybe bringing Shake It Up to Club Penguin wasn't a bad idea after all! What is your favorite thing to do during this party?

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