Club Penguin Field Ops #92 Guide!

Club penguin has released this weeks field ops! Completing field ops unlocks medals that can earn you elite gear! Here's what you have to do for this mission. Note: You can only do missions if you are an EPF Agent. If you are not an EPF Agent you can learn how to become one here.

We haven't detected another Protobot infection this week. Either he's hiding, or he's defeated. We're not taking any chances. Log into the EPF mainframe, and search for anything suspicious.

Accept your mission and stay in the EPF headquarters. Waddle next to the main computer and stay there until your spyphone turns green. 

This time our mission is to destroy the targets!

Enter the x y coordinates to fire the defense cannons. Aim for the red targets. Stay focused - you must destroy twenty targets in time.

Well done agent! Those fragments you destroyed were programming seeds left by Protobot. With any luck, that will be the last of him. Stay sharp though, and don't let your guard down.

Awesome! Geez, I wonder when Protobot will get off our island already! With Protobot gone, perhaps Herbert will see this as a chance to start messing things up on the island! 

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