Club Penguin Times Issue #350

This weeks newspaper is pretty interesting. The meteor is gone along with all the super villains with it! We also have very exciting things coming our way soon!

I'm glad that protobot was defeated and that all the villains are gone. But we still have penguins dressed up in  theif suits so we may have to put those penguins in jail too!

I'm going to head over to the Gift Shop to buy all the music styled clothing! Also, Cadence said she will be doing a performance, Could it be that when penguins find her she will get up on stage and perform? That sounds cool!

There is one word for all of this and it's AMAZING! I can't wait to see cadence, Rocky and CeCe! I've also never gotten to buy the squidzoid costume so i'll be sure to get it this time! What do you like the most about this? Leave a comment! 

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