Reviewed By You: Summer Activities | July 2012

Hey Penguins,

Happy77 asked us what a hero is to us. A lot of penguins we're saying "Super Man" or "Spider Man" but this is what Boorex had to say.

“A hero to me is my older sister! She makes me laugh when I’m sad. She helps me with my homework when it gets tough. She also gives great advice. The thing is, a hero doesn’t have to have a power, they just have to be a person you can look up to or trust! Waddle on cp!”

Every time I read this it makes my heart melt! I completely agree with this penguin.


For many of you, school is out for the summer! Club Penguin would love to know what your favorite summer activity is and why. Tell them by clicking here.

Do you agee with Boorex? Why or why not? Leave a comment.

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