Sneak Peek: Ultimate Jam! | "The Party Starts Now"

Are you penguins ready for Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam? This year Club Penguin has changed Music Jam into something much different! Looking at Club Penguins recently released video, it looks like this party will be about dancing and expressing yourself.

Look at the video at 1:15 and you can see Sensei doing his own dance moves! I find this funny! LOL.

Also, you probably didn't notice that herbert appears in the video at 0:55. Maybe he's going to wreck the party? 

Over all, I think changing the theme of the Music Jam or should I say "Ultimate Jam" won't be too bad. I kinda don't want Music Jam to be forgotten because the old Club Penguin is being forgotten slowly? Do you like the new Club Penguin or do you miss the old CP?

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