Club Penguin Clothing Catalog - Summer of August 2012 | Hidden Items/Cheats

Here you will find a nice sand-colored dress along with a matching head band with a flower and matching sandles. On the page next to it is a red hoodie and a nice hair style for the boys.

On this page you can find beautiful blonde hair and a flower swim suit along with skates for the girls. For the boys, you can get a bright yellow button up shirt with a matching hair style and hat.

Lastly, you will find a light green and blue cover up with green sandles to match and a nice brown hair style. On the page next to it will be the monthly 'Penguins at Work' page. This month you will find a yellow apron with a pink icecream cone in the middle!

Wow! I really like these styles. I think it would be better if they put a few more because there isn't much to choose from. They should really make better looking things for the guys because usually it's the girls who get all the good stuff! LOL! I'll be sure to buy the ice cream outfit though!

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