Club Penguin Field Ops #97 Guide!

Good work Agents! It looks like the creature, code name BIG BIG KAHUNA, has settled and is no longer dangerous. We need more data before we continue. Go to the volcano mouth, and test the rocks with your Spy Phone. Don't anger the volcano.

Accept this mission and waddle your way to the volcano mouth. 

This time our mission is to crack the lock! Be precise because you must match each lock twice.

Once you complete this mission you should recieve a message from Agent G.

Excellent work Agent! According to your seismic examination of the sample, I can confirm that BIG BIG KAHUNAS's mass is diminishing. In other words - the volcano is shrinking again! It should be back to normal size in a week. Club Penguin is saved!

Awesome! We took out BIG BIG KAHUNA and we got a cool fruit themed costume! This party was really fun and it's a shame that it's about to end. Have you collected all of the items around the island?

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