Club Penguin New Coffee Shop!

Yes penguins, it has finally happened. The Coffee Shop has been remodeled and changed forever. Although some of you penguins might think this change is bad, change can be good! The new Coffee Shop has more features and cool things! I'll give you a mini tour!

You can play the new game by waddling over to the smoothie shop area! Check out the review for this game by clicking here.

On the right hand corner is the coffee shop area.

You can play Bean Counters on the bottom right corner.

Waddle your way upstairs and you can find the new Club Penguin Times offices!

Here is the full view of the top floor! As you can see it's for Club Penguin Times Newspaper.

You can play mancala in this small corner.

You can actually check out the club penguin art submitted by penguins while you're on Club Penguin! 

Club Penguin didn't leave out the old library! Click the book on the bottom right for the books!

The Coffee Shop looks amazing! I can't believe they added the Club Penguin Times office. That must be the greatest idea ever! I also can't wait to try out the Smoothie Smash game! What did you think about the new Coffee Shop? What do you think about the Club Penguin Times office?

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