Club Penguin: How to become a Fire Ninja cheats!

To become a Fire Ninja, you must battle against other penguins. You also need to be a black belt ninja. Same thing; Each time you win, you will earn “points” to receive your the next item. You may be interested in how to become a snow ninja on Club Penguin so you can take a look at that.
There are 4 different items: 
1) The Flame Sandals 
2) Magma Coat  
3) Lava Mask and 
4) Fiery Helmet. 

TIP: To earn items quickly , talk to the Sensei and click “Earn your Fire Suit”

To earn each item, you must play Card Jitsu Fire and win. So how does this work? You have to play card jitsu fire! It’s almost the same as the original Card Jitsu, but a little different. First, talk to Sensei and click “Earn your suit”.
There are some rocks on the lava! Click a rock and a number will appear. This number means you have to move the number of places to the right or left.
Rules are the same. Snow beats water, Water beats Fire, and Fire beats Snow. If you and a opponent are tied, the highest number wins.

 If you win, you will receive one point of energy and if you loose, you will loose one point of energy too.
Each time you win the game, you will receive “points” to unlock the next item and like that. Once you get every single item, it’s time challenge Sensei.
It will take you a couple of times to bet Sensei, but once you bet him, you will receive the fire jem. Sensei will place this jem on your medal and it looks awesome! xD

NOTE: Put on your fire ninja suit and dance with your friends to change the color of the sky! TRY IT!
CONGRATULATIONS! You are finally a Fire Ninja! There are more adventures coming for you soon! Soon Club Penguin will release Card Jitsu Snow!

Thanks for reading! Club Penguin Hints; come back for more Club Penguin cheats!


  1. how to become a shadow ninja, huh?

  2. You just do the same thing as a snow ninja, thats how you get the shadow stuff