Sneak Peek: Adventure Party - Temple of Fruit

Hey penguins,

Club Penguin has a released a new video about the upcoming party! It's really entertaining. Pay attention and you might find some interesting clues about the next party. Rockhopper is nowhere to be seen in this video, though.

If you cannot find anything then I went a found some of my own. Take a look...

I wonder what room this will be! It looks awesome!

I'm guessing this is the cove.

Rolling Watermelon! RUN!!!!!!!!!

If you find more clues you can either comment on here or on our Youtube page. Could this be the end of the old coffee shop? FOREVER?! Comment and you're comment could be shown to all the penguins on this post! Waddle on!!

Leave a comment on a post and your comment could be shown for everyone to see!

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