Club Penguin Field Ops #98 Guide!

Rockhopper has set sail from Club Penguin once again, and he’s taken the BIG BIG KAHUNA totem. Let’s make sure he has a safe trip. Go to the Beacon, and use the long-range snowblasters to get rid of any small icebergs nearby.

Accept this mission and waddle your way up the light house. Stand near the telescope and wait there until your spyphone turns green.

This time our mission is to crack the lock! Be precise because you must match each lock twice.

Once you complete this mission you should recieve a message from Agent G.

Well done Agent! According to EPF scanners, it should be smooth sailing for Rockhopper from here to Rockhopper island. Let's hope he remembers to put BIG BIG KAHUNA totem back where he found it.

Awesome! I hope rockhopper remembers to get rid of that totem before it gets rockhopper island too!

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