Club Penguin Field Ops #106 Guide!

The Halloween ghosts caused widespread security breaches all over the island. We must restore our defenses. Scan the EPF mainframe, and check to make sure the system is secure. Report anything unusual.
Accept this mission and go over to the computers over on this side.

Bypass the system! Match your data with the firewall to break through.

Once you complete this easy mission you should recieve a message from Agent G.

What's this? According to your scan, someone accessed top secret EPF files during the halloween party. It seems they went though blueprints for my inventions... Stay on alert.

Ah! Another mission done by the best agents, us! I'm actually kind of glad ghosts are gone. I hated when my computer volume was on high and then penguins on CP would do that ghost yell! It scared me every time!

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