Halloween Party Sneak Peek 2012 + Free Code!

Hey guys! PoloField has just released a sneak peek on his new blog a few days ago. He showed us all a room that I think will be part of the haunted mansion. He also released a code which can get us a free costume! Check this out...

Maybe this is Uncle Gariwald's room where he studied? Maybe someone who did magical spells worked here. 

Our friends at Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek inside their online haunted mansion before the party begins on October 18 and no “foolish mortal” can miss the nods to the real thing. You’ll instantly recognize a familiar pipe organ in the ballroom and a few other items.
  • Fortune Teller: The fortune teller station in the Attic of Clubpenguin.com’s haunted mansion was inspired by the Disneyland Haunted Mansion ride.
  • Horseless Hearse: In the Club Penguin Forest, there’s a Horseless Hearse similar to the one at Disneyland park.
  • Maid and Butler Costumes: The Club Penguin team tried to replicate cast members with some of their Halloween Party costumes, giving the maid and butler costumes dark eye shadows.
“To hold you over, we’re offering a free Ghost Sheet Costume for Disney Parks Blog readers. Visit http://play.clubpenguin.com/#/redeem/and enter code CHILLING beginning today.”

That's right! Just enter the code CHILLING and you will recieve a ghost costume! Cool huh? I really can't wait for this party! I want to wonder around the mansion and see what I can find! Don't forget I want to meet Gary too!

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