Huge Apology for Club Penguin Hints fans

I'm sure that you have noticed that, lately, tracking on just hasn't been good. In fact, it's been horrible. I, Airhead 32, wanted to write this to say sorry for the bad tracking in October and it WILL change. ClubPenguinHints used to be known as one of the BEST trackers around. Now, tracking isn't as great as before. It's my fault.

So I have come up with a few things that will change starting in November.

The Trackers:

I will make time so I can track for mascots more days. Please do not forget that I am not a robot. I have school, homework, and activities after school (sometimes) just like you all do.

The Chatroom:

I will come into the chat more often and chat with some penguins for a while. I will try to hear more opinions and more feedback.

I love my fans. I love that you penguins are here to enjoy Club Penguin with me and all of Club Penguin's new features and parties. I consider my fans as part of my family and I don't like to ignore them.

Changes will begin November 5, 2012

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