And The Director is....

Turns out that The Director is Aunt Arctic! She is so much cooler now LOL! In the video, Rookie, Dot, Gary and the Jet Pack Guy are free! Everyone is happy that the sunlight is back! I am so glad that Herbert was defeated and everything was turned back to normal! Watch the video...

Thanks to trainman for letting me use the video!

This video is so dramatic. It makes me so happy that i'm a Club Penguin player! This video is my favorite video of all time...and i'm not kidding! I love that I found out about Club Penguin! I want to thank all the agents that helped track Herbert! I also want to thank them for helping out in fixing the island again [and pelting him with snowballs.] 

Leave a comment because I really want to know what you think of this! Did you like the ending of Operation Blackout? Did you think that Aunt Arctic was The Director this whole time?


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