Club Penguin Times Issue #369 *IMPORTANT*

Greetings penguins. Allow me to intoduce myself. I am Herbert P. Bear, Esquire. YOUR NEW LEADER.

These are the most BORING RULES I have ever seen! Say goodbye to tooting :'(


Puffles aren't allowed to have fun either! He's freezing all the puffles who aren't quiet or aren't on a leash! HORRIBLE!

What?! There isn't going to be a next pin!?

This is crazy and sad! We can't even have fun like we used to anymore! He has to be stopped!! Also, if Herbert is having a party and penguins aren't allowed then how is it a party if it's going to be just Herbert and  probably Klutzy...


  1. this is outrages i can't believe it!

  2. Herbert will never win!