Airhead's Christmas Giveaway 2012! [now over]

Yes, you read it right! There will be a giveaway for this christmas! It has been a very long year. We went from being underwater in the underwater party to fighting dragons in the medieval party and even trying to defeat Herbert in Operation Blackout! I know you may have a lot of questions about the giveaway so let me clear some things up.

What will be given away?

Two coin codes will be given away so that means two lucky penguins will take the prize!

How can I win these coin codes?

It is suggested that you make a twitter account (or log into your existing account) and then follow Airhead 32 on Twitter. (Just search Airhead 32) If you need help creating an account click here.

Why should I follow Airhead on Twitter anyways?

Any time I will have a giveaway or a party I announce it on Twitter. If you're following me, you will be the first to know about the news giving you a good head start! If you need help creating an account click here.
Follow me

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I would like to say thank you for being with me throughout this awesome year! We've all tracked and had fun together! This giveaway is also like my thank you to all those who come back to my website often and track for mascots in our chat! I really appreciate it.

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