Club Penguin Times Issue #372

By Aunt Arctic -- After three scary weeks of darkness and cold, the villainous Herbert P. Bear is defeated.


By Aunt Arctic -- Now that the Blackout has ended, and all the extra snow is gone, did you notice something different about Club Penguin this week?

Turns out the Rory and many other construction workers were working in secret, to try and help others weather the Blackout. "We were trying to make 'em all warmer and sturdier," Rory commented. "And we thought--hey! Why not make 'em snazzier, shinier, and tastier too?" 

On now! Humbug Holiday

The Classic holiday tale returns to the stafe, HUMBUG!

On now! Penguin Style Catalog

Fresh fashions on sale at the newly named clothes shop. New name, same value!

Dec. 13! Holly Jolly Igloo Contest

Deck the halls! Enter the contest, and show the island what the season means to you.

I'm glad we defeated Herbert and made it through the harsh weather. To the looks of it, I think we'll never be cold again since our construction workers rebuilt our old, worn buildings to new warm, awesome looking ones! Are you going to join the Holly Jolly Igloo Contest? Why or why not?

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