New Arctic White Color Coming Soon!

The first time we were ever introduced to this new color was back in like March and April of 2012. There was this huge controversy on whether or not the color was a glitch or real. Usually, you would be able to see penguins with this color on the server Sleet, which were just hackers. After a while, Club Penguin banned most of the hackers and the news about the new color kind of just...went away.

Credit to ClubPenguinCheatsNow for images.

So my guess is that this color was real and that it was ment for the new Snow Jitsu that will be coming out very soon! Or maybe it's just a new color they wanted to add. I don't think this is a good idea because most of the island is white and penguins will just be harder to find if they have that color.

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