Airhead's One Year Anniversary Party 2013!

These are the places Airhead 32 will be visiting.

Image Map

Hey everyone! As you may know or not know, January 30th will make one whole year since I started up this website! Since it's ClubPenguinHints 1 year anniversary I thought why not share this special time with you? Here are some details everyone should know before attending the party.

Wear your silliest clothes!
And by silliest I mean the most weirdest and funniest! Be creative! It could be changing all your clothes to one color or mixing and matching a bunch of clothes that don't usually go good with each other. The penguins who I think wore the silliest clothes will have their picture taken and put on the blog for everyone to see!

We will start the party at the iceberg and waddle our way through the island! I really hope every one of you can make it since this is my first party ever! Also, don't forget there will be an after-party giveaway like 30 minutes after the party. Alright, that's about it! I hope to see you all at my party!

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