Club Penguin Coins for Change Results

Hey everyone. Club Penguin has put up all the results for the coins for change and this year we raised up to 13.7 BILLION COINS! That's amazing! It shows how many coins were donated for each cause. It also shows how many things you would have to do to get 13 billion coins.

If you look on the top right corner you will find the three causes we helped this year.

$308,614 U.S dollars will help with Medical Help for those who need it.

$395,460 U.S dollars will go torwards helping the enviroment to stay safe.

$295,926 U.S dollars will be providing places like schooles, shelters and playgrounds.

We did so good this year! Now you can go to bed thinking that you helped someone else in the world by going on Club Penguin and donating some of your coins. Isn't that cool?

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