Club Penguin Times Issue #376

By Gary -- Attention scientists! Attention adventurers! Attention Chester! What do we all have in common? We all want to time travel. So let's time travel! After months of work, I have invented a time machine -- and I want to go see some dinosaurs!
If you click on GADZOOKS then it will open this page up.

Wow! Gary used the energy from the meteor that hit last summer to build a time machine! We're going to the  dinosaur age on January 17th!

Interesting. Looks like we're having the Dinosaur party this month with Gary, the fashion show party next month with Cadence and finally the Puffle Party in March with the Puffle Handler!

The new penguin style catalog is on now! Go to the snowforts to see how many coins were raised. Lastly, the igloo furniture will be released on January 10th!

I'm glad this month is full of fun things and surprises! I can't wait to time travel with Gary and do research with him. Are you going to buy the caveman igloo furniture? What about the clothes in this months club penguin style. Leave your comments below because I do appreciate them!

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