Club Penguin Times Issue #380

By Cadence -- Check it party penguins! Prep for the Hollywood Party is coming along famously! I can hardly contain my excitement! The Party is going to give everyone a chance to make it BIG!


By Gary -- GADZOOKS! What an amazing adventure!! Being among dinosaurs was exponentially far surperior than I ever imagined.

"We wanna give the Phoning Facility an update. A new look, somethin' fresh, and sleek. We've been makin' updates all over the island, and this is definately next on the list."
On Now!

Penguin Style: Check out the latest star-worthy fashions in the clothes shop.

Feb. 7

Furniture Catalog: Create your own film studio with this month's movie inspired igloo furniture.

Wow! So many clues to things that will be happening in the future! The Phoning Facility will be updating soon but there is no set date. The Penguin Style catalog is out with some fresh clothes for stars! What do you think about any of this? Leave a comment!

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