Club Penguin Times Issue #383

By PH -- G'day mates. Have I got news for you! To celebrate this year's Puffle Party we're building a Puffle Hotel! It's gonna be tall, 'cause i've got something exciting to show ya up in the clouds....

By Aunt Arctic -- I had a wonderful time meeting so many of you, interviewing you, and watching the Awards Show. Thanks to everyone who came out: all the superstars, directors, and film fanatics--you made this even sensational!

On now!

- Comedy Corner: Head to the Coffee Shop for some laughs! And get ready for ROFL's galore.

March 14!

- Igloo Furniture: Every igloo could use a little more puffle-- new furniture coming soon!

March 21!

- Puffle Party: Bring your puffle out to party!

I can't wait for the puffle party! Also, did you notice that the Puffle Handler has a special surprise for us! Maybe a new puffle?! Also, maybe the April Fools party is coming again!

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