Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #386

Club Penguin has published a brand new Club Penguin Times. The main headline mainly addresses the new puffle specie, the Rainbow Puffle. It is by PH who will be visiting the party.

By PH -- Have I got exciting news for ya! I was able to get up into the clouds to study the rainbow puffles. They sure are unique critters. I can't wait for them to find good homes! 

The second article in this week's newspaper is about the increase of growth on the Puffle Hotel construction that is going on. The Puffle Hotel is scheduled to be completed on March 21.

By Aunt Arctic -- If you've been to the Plaza lately, you'll have seen the construction for the new Puffle Hotel. You heard it here first! Thanks to everyone for their help. Don't miss the grand opening, March 21.

Here are the upcoming events,

Out Now! Igloo Furniture - Puffle-ize your igloo. Because everyone needs a fuzzy puffle couch!

March 21 - Puffle Hotel - No puffle will want to miss the puffle events of the year. Did I mention it's for puffles?

March 21 - Puffle Care Quest - Members, complete your Puffle Care Quest to adopt a rainbow puffle.

I can't wait to adopt the Rainbow puffle! Are you excited for the Puffle Party 2013?

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