Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #387

The Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #387 has been printed and is now available on Club Penguin. In this week's newspaper issue, Club Penguin mainly addresses the Puffle Party 2013, the upcoming events, and the Puffle Hotel which will be a permanent feature on the snow-covered island.

By PH -- Crikey, what a discovery! This place just got a lot more colorful, thanks to our newest puffle species. I'm excited to say that they're finding good homes with penguins all over the island.

The second article in this week's newspaper mainly talks about the Puffle Hotel and how it's now open to both penguins and puffles.
By Aunt Arctic -- So what are you waiting for? Take your pet for a walk, and join the puffle party of the year and the Puffle Hotel!
Here are the upcoming events for the month of April,

April 5 - Penguin Style - What's your style? New fashions coming to the Clothes Shop soon.

April 5 - Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal - Club Penguin's greatest heroes take on the ultimate foe at the Stage!
Wow! I can't wait to adopt a Rainbow puffle! If you had the chance to create a puffle how would it look like?

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