Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #389

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper on the snow-covered island. This week's newspaper includes information about the Puffle Party ending, the hot sauce heist (Fun at the Cove), and the upcoming events. Let's check out this week's newspaper and see what other important things are going on the island right now!

"Pizza chefs were alarmed to find the giant bottle of hot sauce was stole from the Pizza Parlor this week. Special agents are currently on the scene to investigate this mysterious case"

Our second article is about the EPF construction being delayed due to the hot sauce missing at the Pizza Parlor. Rookie has ordered all EPF agents to come help out and try to figure out this case!

By Rookie -- I saw the blueprints the other day and the hologram was SUPER cool. But they probably won't let me touch it. Wait... that might have been classified. Forget I said that. Does this message self destruct? Or is this the kind I'm supposed to eat?
Here are the upcoming events for the month of April, which ones are you looking forward to?

On Now -- Penguin Style - Super fashions have hit the Clothes Shop. Who will you become?

On Now -- The Stage - Will Squizoid prevail? Or will Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal defend the city?

April 11 -- Igloo Furniture - Create your own general store or health clinic, with this month's furniture.

This week's newspaper issue sounds mysterious and creepy. Are you looking forward to the Superhero Party 2013? Leave your comments below!

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