Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #392

Club Penguin has released their newest issue of Club Penguin Times, #392. In this week's newspaper issue, Club Penguin mainly talks about the newest  party the Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013, which is now out and much more. Let’s take a look at the Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #392:                          

By Aunt Arctic -- Calling all Super Heroes! Robots have invaded Penguintropolis. The fate of the island rests in your hands.

The second article in this week's newspaper talks about collecting power crystals, you can collect power crystals by waddling to the Beach! Collecting 50,000 points of crystals will hand your penguin a reward!

Last but not least our upcoming events,

May 9 -- Penguin Style -- This season's latest styles hit the Clothes Shop.

May 9 -- Postcards -- Have you sent a postcard lately? Check out this month's Featured Postcards!

Are you liking the Marvel Superhero Party? Leave your comments below we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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