Club Penguin Operation Hot Sauce 2013 Cheats

Hello Elite Penguin Force Agents!

Recently, a brand new mission has been released. Operation Hot Sauce! In this mission you must stop Herbert from his evil doings, before it's to late. To complete this mission you have been provided with new Elite Gear. That includes a new and upgraded Spy Phone. The Headquarters has been slightly cleaned.

Now you must click the Elite Penguin Force news board. It will gave information regarding your mission. To start the mission, click the "Accept" icon in the bottom right corner of the last slide.

Waddle over to the Pizza Parlor. You may notice it's a complete mess! Click on Jet Pack Guy for a quick newsflash. Once done search the Pizza Parlor for clues. Which is a fur trace and the hot sauce splattered all over the place. Click on them.

After speaking with Gary open up your new and improved Spy Phone. Click on the "Gadgets" icon and place the trace of fur and hot sauce into the scanner. If you're a nonmember you must wait 6 hours till the results are done.

Your TraceTracker 3000 should automatically turn on. Now you are available to see Herbert's paw tracks. Follow them to the Beach. Once there, waddle over to the hatch. Click on the Secret Entrance.

To unlock the Secret Entrance you must use your Spy Phone. Keep clicking your Spy Phone screen till the door unlocks.

Once inside Herbert's liar you will overhear his plans. In order to ruin Herbert's plans click on the slice of pizza and throw it at the "Flood" button.

Herbert's liar will flood with water. Defeating him from destroying Club Penguin with hot sauce. Congratulations agent!

For completing your mission, you'll receive a reward of 5 medals and an Operation Hot Sauce Background.

The pizza will be returned and Rookie's Pizza Party will continue as planned.

What are your thoughts on Club Penguin Operation Hot Sauce 2013? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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