Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #397

Club Penguin has released its latest newspaper issue on the island. In this week's newspaper, Club Penguin talks about Card-Jistu Snow and the biggest opponent of Card-Jitsu Snow, Tusk. Last but not least, the upcoming events. Let's take a look at this week's newspaper:

The main headline of this week's newspaper talks about tusk, the greatest opponent of Card-Jitsu Snow.

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By Unknown -- Many skilled ninjas are returning from the snow-covered mountainside with news of menacing minions and a masked walrus.

 The second article of this week's newspaper is about Snow ninjas controlling the weather, the elemental power of a Card-Jitsu Snow ninja has been released.


By Aunt Arctic - If you see a group of Snow Ninjas, get out your mittens! And watch out for Fire Ninjas- it's a little more complicate when they come out. :)

 Here are the upcoming events for the month of June,

  new upcoming 

June 6 - The Stage - Dive deep underwater, and discover Penglantis.

June 6 - Postcard - Have you sent out a postcard lately? Check out this month's Featured Postcards!

June 13 - Furniture Catalog - Could your igloo use a little school spirit? Check out the Furniture Catalog!

Are you having a good time at the Card-Jitsu Snow party? Have you defeated Tusk? Leave your comments below!

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