Club Penguin Times Issue #396

Club Penguin has released its newest paper on the island! In this week's newspaper, Club Penguin mainly talks about the Card-Jitsu Snow Party 2013 that's currently going on, the updated Dojo, and the upcoming events.

Feature Story 

By Sensei - Our greatest battle has begun. We must master Snow, defeat the Snow Minions and restore balance.

 The second article in this week's newspaper talks about the updated Dojo and for us penguins to master the new element which is snow. 

Support Story 
By a Ninja - It is still unclear what lies behind this disturbance in the elements. Those Snow Minions appear to be doing someone's bidding. All ninjas are needed to help reveal the truth.
Here are the upcoming events, 
  Upcoming Events 
June 6 - Penguin Style - Bring your style outdoors with this month's fashions!
June 6 - Postcards - Don't forget to say "Hello" with the latest Featured Postcards!
June 13 -  Furniture Catalog - This month's furniture is so good... it's scary!
Do you like the Card-Jitsu Party 2013? Do you think it could have been better or not? Leave your comments below!

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